Reluctant Readers

Many parents will say their children don't like reading, or don't like books. In these situations I don't believe that the kids don't like to read. I think it's that they haven't found a book they connect to yet.
If your children are struggling with reading, think outside the box to find ways for them to connect with words. Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be a traditional book. Magazines, websites, heck even instructions and project directions count. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Back to basics:


Bring in the Library:

Struggling Readers

It can be difficult to watch our children struggle, but, when it comes to reading, we can help them through encouragement and guidance.

Voracious Readers

Do your kids like to read a little too much? Do they stay up well past their bedtime reading? Is your home overflowing with more books than you have room for?
While we all want to encourage our children to continue growing and learning, sometimes too much of a good thing can get in the way of other needs.